Call for Nominations

The aim of Top 10 Innovations is to raise public awareness regarding innovations to address climate change, with a view to “the global Net Zero Anthropogenic Emissions of CO2” and thus promote such innovations.

Who can apply

We invite a wide range of organizations and individuals who are working in the field of innovation to recommend cases of innovations. Innovations include:


the results of research and development efforts and business activities that lead to significant long-term GHG emission reductions and


policies that promote such innovations.

How to Apply

Applications must be made online using the application form. Please click “Apply now” below to download the form and send it back to the secretariat office.
(ICEF Secretariat:
You could also check the application filled example here.
Cases announced from June 2015 to May 2017 are eligible this year.


All completed nominations will be reviewed by the members of the Top10 Working Group (WG) consisting of international professionals in ICEF Steering Committee. The selection criteria are:

GHG emissions reduction potential
  • Expected contribution to realize “the global Net Zero Anthropogenic Emission of CO2” in the long term
  • In case of technology, the innovativeness of the technology or business model
  • In case of policy, the innovativeness of technologies or businesses that are developed as a result of policy implementation
  • The feasibility of realizing GHG reduction potential resulting from the dissemination of developed technologies and successful commercialization

The Top10 WG selects around 25 candidates, which then will be posted on the ICEF website for voting by ICEF participants. The votes will be tabulated by the Secretariat to select the Top 10 Innovations.



Thank you for your applications.