7th High Temperature Solid Looping Cycles Network Meeting was a success

Posted by ICEF Secretariat September 22, 2017

The High Temperature Solid Looping Cycles Network is a networking organization under IEAGHG (IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme) aiming at promoting further development and scale-up of innovative processes for CO2 capture which involve solid looping cycles operating at elevated temperatures.  The research meeting among the members of the network takes place every other year.  This time it was held on the 4th and 5th of September at Luleo, Sweden.  About fifty researchers from the world made presentation and discussed recent progress in this field covering calcium looping, enhanced reforming, and chemical looping combustion to decrease the carbon-footprint.  After the meeting, the grand opening ceremony of STEPWISE pilot plant ( using the Sorption Enhanced Water Gas Shift reaction (SEWGS) process was held in the site of Swerea MEFOS.  This unique technology is expected to capture CO2 from the blast furnace gas with a high efficiency in steel mills.