ICEF Programme - and motor vehicles

Posted by David Cope September 25, 2017 Professor, Clare Hall, University of Cambridge

I am looking forward once again to attending the ICEF event in Tokyo. Last year, there was an extremely interesting concurrent session on motor vehicle technologies, including the potential contribution of "autonomous" technologies. Therefore, I am a little disappointed that there does not seem to be a specific session this year devoted to motor vehicles, given their absolutely fundamental role in CO2 mitigation. This is especially so because over the past year there have been some interesting policy developments where governments - including my own country - and China - have commented on "phasing out" of conventional internal combustion engines. It would be very valuable to have a discussion on just how realistic such political ambitions are - and whether it is productive, or nugatory - for governments to try to set such broad long-term targets. Of course, I recognise that several of the subjects that WILL be discussed at ICEF have a relevance to the future of the motor vehicle - and I hope that more generally, recognition of the critical significance of motor vehicles might suffuse much of the ICEF 2017 discussion overall. I look forward to discussing this with other delegates Professor David Cope University of Cambridge UK