Should Developing the Foundation for Alleviating Global Warming through Iron-Fertilization of Southern Oceans be Debated at ICEF-2?

Posted by Adam Heller February 13, 2015 Professor, McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Texas

The press of the wealthier countries covers the CO2 emission-caused global warming and most of the political leaders of the richer countries advocate remedying its causes.  However, in my interactions with friends, neighbors and academics, including students at leading universities, I have met very few who know the basics of Professor Kaya’s teachings. Fewer than 1 % of those whom I have met, including Engineering Students at Tokyo University, are aware of the simple fact that the primary cause of the rising atmospheric CO2 concentration is the global, rapid and accelerating increase in personal and public wealth. Many know that global warming is that the problem compounded its secondary, lesser, cause, which is population growth. So far the decrease in carbon intensity does not appear to suggest that it will neutralize the effect of growth in GDP.