[Series: Road to Paris & Beyond]
What can be expected from ICEF2015?

Posted by Georg Erdmann August 7, 2015 Professor, Berlin University of Technology

The series of annual ICEF conferences was established in 2014 in order to stimulate the awareness concerning the role of innovations towards solving the global warming issue. We all know that present technologies and practices to produce and consume is not sustainable, particularly in the field of energy. Thus new approaches are needed. The task is particularly challenging as the greenhouse gas challenge represents not the only urgent global problem in these days. Pressures from demography, poverty, drinking water supply, and local pollution require global activities and efforts. Still worse, the world goes through new military and civil conflicts, religious and cultural tensions, and a record number of refugees are observed, not to forget the still pending solution of the economic and financial crisis in the aftermath of the Lehmann bankruptcy 2008. This underlines the need to find solutions to the global warming problem that are both effective and acceptable from a social, economic and political point of view. Obviously, only environmental innovations promise such solutions...