Effective Policies will lead to cost effective Energy supply in energy rich Japan without going back to Nuclear

Posted by Volker Thomsen November 17, 2015 Vice President and Treasurer, World Wind Energy Association


Effective Policies will lead to cost effective Energy supply in energy rich Japan without going back to Nuclear

Most of the electricity generation on our planet is and was in the past based on fossil fuels and some nuclear. Most of them have traditionally in common not to use the heat and therefore only maximum an efficiency rate of around 40 % nuclear around 35 % even below the others. By switching to combined power, district heating, cooling and storage you will be able to increase the energy efficiency to 90 % by using 50% for heating , or cooling and or hot water and only loosing 10 % through the air or cooling water.

By doing this in local regional facilities you can use local resources like wind, solar, biomass of many kinds including co2 neutral wood waste in form of chips and pellets. This will also automatically give thousands of local communities an enormous economic boost of local ongoing economic development, huge employment, business and keeping the profits there as well. You will also relieve the environment because your local heating would under this model now be provided through a mix of clean power generation and
heating & cooling with a minimal amount of fossil fuels involved. The more or less co2 neutral bio mass, limited amounts of natural gas and hot water storage will bridge the needs during the periods without wind or solar.

Going the above way will help to limit Climate Change and the massive pollution primarily created out of our addiction to fossil fuels & gas and toxifying everything with plastic that has reached the entire food chain and endangering the microbes and any kind of plant, animal and human life. I want to thank you searching across the entire planet for the best answers and solutions for your future clean energy supply and energy safety.

After my consultation with leading scientist, engineers, local utilities and implementers in Denmark and Germany, It gives me great pleasure and happiness that I could present to you and your government at the ICEF the best realistic energy solution for Japan. Based on a very comprehensive credible Japanese German Study of your local resources done in 2000 it shows a very energy rich country that has all it needs for a successful ongoing supply for combined power and heating-cooling-storage based on local supplies. The fact that you would increase the efficiency from 40% to 90 % the overall capacity you will need under my proposed model requires only 50 % of the present capacity, even if this would involve, mainly fossil fuels, nuclear or a mixture of every thing. Hopefully the plan would follow my strong recommendation to exclude nuclear and fossil fuels all together or only allow them at certain declining reduced rates for a limited period to bridge the transition. Furthermore to build this local infrastructure based on the high efficiency will based on my assessment cost much less per KWh than to restart the existing Nuclear Power-stations.

Last but not least you will by going this way inspire the proud people of Japan to get out of the present depression and enter into a new unheard phase of local economic development that will make the present leadership and legacy of a historic dimension that completely will turn Japan around into new era of sustainable long time ongoing prosperity.

It is my hope that these inspiring and eye opening existing technologies and my words about them will get your curiosity and make you seriously going to look into this proposal and hopefully come to the same very positive conclusion to implement the turn around without nuclear power. I am quite certain that this way even will be cheaper and faster than re entering with nuclear and any other technology other than renewable energy.

It will be my great honour if I can help you, your government, your industry and your research institutes with anything to start your assessment, planing and implementation of this excellent proven way in DK, Germany and many other countries out of your difficult situation after Fukushima. I Look forward hearing from you!
Best personal wishes and joyful greetings. Any help and info needed will be available from Denmark Germany and can be organised and coordinated through my

Volker Thomsen
President Ret. St. Lawrence College Kingston ON Canada
VP & Treasurer WWEA Bonn Germany - Advisor on Sustainable Community Development
and Energy Safety based on organic agriculture and organic energy.
Copy to Mr. Preben Maegaard Direktor Emeritis Nordisk Folkecenter DK and
Mr. Stefan Gsanger Sec. Gen. World Wind Energy Association. Bonn, DE
Mr. Tetsuya NOMOTO / 野本 哲 Environment & Energy Research Division
Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc 2-10-3 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8141
Prof. Chuichi Arakawa Tokyo University
Dr. Harry Lehman, Dir. Bundes Umwelt Amt Berlin, German Federal Agency
for the Environment

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the most economic energy generation and distribution is


Combined Power - Heating - Cooling - Storage

Two times more energy efficient:

Before: 40 % electricity generation
60 % out of chimney or water-cooling

After: 40 % electricity generation
50 % for district heating-cooling-storage
10 % out of chimney or into water