ICEF Roadmap 1.0, “Distributed Solar and Storage” Released at COP21

Posted by ICEF Secretariat December 17, 2015

The final version of the ICEF Roadmap entitled “Distributed Solar and Storage – ICEF Roadmap 1.0”, which reflects discussion that took place in the Solar Energy session of the ICEF 2nd Annual Meeting in October, was released at COP21. Mr. David Sandalow, a member of the Steering Committee, presented an outline of this ICEF Roadmap at forums including a side event hosted by IEA.




Features of the ICEF Roadmap:
Other roadmaps produced to date have taken a prescriptive, top-down approach based on examining what must be done in the future, whereas the ICEF Roadmap focuses on what may occur in the future. After examining the status of currently-available technologies, it adds in-depth analysis of uncertainties and risks to supplement other existing roadmaps from a bottom-up perspective.

Although “Distributed Solar and Storage – ICEF Roadmap 1.0” includes two differing technologies, it takes the innovative approach of embracing both distributed solar and storage technologies and considering collaboration between these two fields.

Main content of the ICEF Roadmap:

  • Key points considered in developing the Roadmap (background information on technologies, R&D trends, uncertainties)
  • Roadmap toolkit (catalysts for widespread use and methods of compiling scenarios for such use)
  • Roadmaps for Japan, Germany, the USA, China and India based on the roadmap toolkit
  • Barriers