Posted by Claudio Nicolini September 15, 2016 President, Fondazione ELBA Nicolini Nanoworld Institute Labs

ICEF METI Tokyo Japan October 5-6 2016


CLAUDIO NICOLINI Nanoworld Institute Labs Fondazione EL.B.A. Nicolini in Europe , Russian Academy of Sciences in Russian Federation and Nanoworld Journal and Conference in USA

A new version of the World Economic Forum focused on Energy and Environment as proposed by Prime Minister of Japan ABE is fundamental after adopting the Paris Agreement, considering that this third Innovation for Cool Earth Forum occuring in 2016 at Tokyo is the very first pertinent international meeting thereafter. The limited scientific and technological progress in Energy and Environment appears still uncapable to find solutions for effective carbon dioxide reduction and for new energy sources really alternatives to nuclear fission, gas , oil and carbon still dominating the scene worldwide, and this despite hopes being raised on nuclear fusion, energy storage and hydrogen energy for which quite more is needed and should be done with a new World Forum on energy and environment more aggressive and focussed to make the difference. While artificial photosynthesis removes CO2 from atmosphere and hybrid vehicles are technologies capable to reduce CO2 emissions, in order be more effective however , while biofuels, solar energy, smart grid, geothermal and wind power should be enhamced , nuclear fission on one side and fossilse utilization on the other side should be promptly discontinued mantaining only the essential carbon capture technology. Several countries do not appear indeed intentioned to do it and we have to face the problem with more determination, introducing other usefull alternative as thorium fuels with the uncoupling of nuclear armaments from civil nuclear plants. The emerging innovations fall mostly at the crossing of Molecular Bioeletronics, but they appear uncapable to make a substantial difference with overall energy production being still 2/3 for fossils and 1/3 for nuclear fission produced by uranium after the improper legal stop to thorium that should be reconsidered. The time is running out on us also to replace fossils close to terminate soon or later after 5 milion years! The over 1.000 Near-Earth Objects bigger than 1.300 feet and on the track to smash Earth can be blowed only by nuclear weapons on the hands of United States of America and Russian Federation which should then be both urged to joint their efforts in this direction to save humanity once this should occur! Tokyo 5-6 October 2016 A follow up of the my 2015 proposal in Tokyo at the second ICEF METI debate and at the 2015 at Science Technology Society Forum in Kyoto on October.