CARBON-NEGATIVE ENERGY SYSTEM -- Sustainable World Energy Supply and Global Environment Restoration Using Renewable and Nuclear Energies

Posted by Masao Hori September 15, 2016 Staff, Universal Energy Research Institute, Inc.

Investigated is a carbon-negative energy system which supplies energy sustainably to the world and sequestering carbon from the global carbon cycle to control atmospheric CO2 concentration. In the conceptual system presented, carbon will be effectively removed from the global carbon cycle by the biomass-nuclear synergistic process to produce biochar and biofuel. Typically, by this carbon-negative energy system in Year 2065, primary energy is supplied by renewable and nuclear energies without any fossil fuel, and 1.1~4.5 Gton of carbon is sequestered as biochar from the global carbon cycle. Amount of biomass processed is within the estimated range of bioenergy potential by several investigators, and amount of nuclear energy supplied is less than the maximum nuclear supply capability by Fast Breeder Reactor fuel recycling scheme. The task of removing CO2 and supplying fuel is a gigantic international public-works project, and it would evolve into creating new big environment/energy businesses.

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