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ICEF 3rd Annual Meeting Summary: Concurrent Session - CO2 Utilization

Posted by ICEF Secretariat July 19, 2017


Session background and objectives

CO2 is a stable compound generated through combustion of fossil fuels. CO2 is currently used for various industrial feedstock such as chemicals, bath additives, foaming gas, refrigerant, and dry ice. However, the volume of CO2 for such uses is small. In CO2 Utilization session, we will discuss the uses of CO2 utilization that consumes large amount of CO2 and sequestrate for a long time. We are planning to develop a roadmap on research, development, and deployment of CO2 utilization technologies. We will also present the draft roadmap. Possible application includes fuel, construction materials, chemical products, plastics, foods, and industrial gases.

Sources: DOE


David Sandalow [Chair]

CV (SC Profile page)

Inaugural Fellow, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University

Issam Dairanieh

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CEO, CO2 Sciences

A.-H. Alissa Park

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Director, Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy, The Earth Institute, Columbia University

Tohru Setoyama

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Fellow, Executive officer, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Etsuko Fujita

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Senior Chemist, Leader of the Artificial Photosynthesis Group, Chemistry Division, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Colin McCormick

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Chief Technologist, Valence Strategic LLC