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ICEF 1st. Annual Meeting Summary: Plenary Session 1

Posted by ICEF Secretariat November 4, 2014

ICEF2014 Program

As the opening session of ICEF 2014, a discussion was held on the importance of innovation in order to lower greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate global warming. Presentations were held by the renowned panelists on topics such as: the use of old technologies in innovation, technological innovation for global warming, the government’s and the private companies’ role in innovation, and the innovation of social systems.

After the presentations, the chair led the discussions on an array of topics, including the next climate meeting (COP21), important policies for innovation, green growth and the innovation of economic and social systems.

There was unanimous agreement on the importance of 2015’s COP21 meeting, and the possibility ICEF hold in promoting this meeting. Making common cause is very important, and a synergy effect is likely.

It is very difficult to determine how far the government’s role should stretch in promoting innovation, and the panelists we’re divided in the matter. However, most panelists agreed that public funding should be used in high-level research, since private entities are not likely to invest in projects that yield practical results many years later.

Another important topic was the need for innovating not only in technology, but also in social systems and in economic systems. One thing that was mentioned was the need to move away from using GDP as the sole indicator of progress, for example using accounting rules that take environmental effects into account.