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ICEF 1st. Annual Meeting Summary: Concurrent Session - Energy Efficiency

Posted by ICEF Secretariat November 4, 2014

ICEF2014 Program

There were presentations held on the topics of present status of energy efficiency and

conservation policies in Japan, intelligent air conditioners, energy efficiency in buildings, customer engagement for energy conservation, and influence of human behavior on energy consumption.

Energy conservation potential in the demand site is not fully tapped yet, and thus it was right direction to address demand side issues in today’s session.

To promote energy efficiency, policy is an important factor that drives innovation in energy efficiency technologies. Japan’s Top-Runner Program is a clear example of this. Cooperation between the government and industry is crucial to implement stringent regulations.

Understanding and improving the relationship between human behavior and energy consumption is crucial to address demand side energy conservation potential. Using smart meter data, simply providing benchmark of energy consumption level to customers will increase awareness of public. Visualization and analytics of human behavior, and demand side energy consumption and connectivity with people are key points for future innovation in this area.

In addition to high efficient devices, and analytics technologies, buildings design plays an important role in the demand side energy conservation. Introduction of stringent building energy consecration regulation is proven to be effective by Title 24 in California. Therefore, in the future sessions, architecture communities and major developers need to be involved.