Energy System and Conventional Energy

Topic Background

Recent issues such as geopolitical risk, innovation of information and communication technology and climate change pose substantial challenge to the current energy system. Developing countries in particular face difficult challenges of striking a delicate balance of meeting rapidly rising energy demand while mitigating CO2 emissions. In order to address such challenges, conventional energy sources such as fossil fuel may need to be combined with renewable energy to meet energy demand and secure a stable supply.

Comments and Discussion

The 4th ICEF: New challenge of uncertainties

  • Posted by Nobuo Tanaka
  • February 1, 2017
  • Chairman, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation

The uncertainty we are now facing is described as "huge-beyond-reason (ijigen-no fukakujitsusei)" by Dr. KUBO Fumiaki of the University of Tokyo. He means the impacts of what will be implemented as "America First" policies by the US President Donald Trump to the global community could be beyond imagination. New US policies, either domestic or foreign, do have much larger internation...

Scientists are finding ways to convert CO2 emitted from power plants to carbon nanotubes

  • Posted by ICEF Secretariat
  • August 29, 2016

If CO2 emitted from fossil fuel power plants can be utilized to make other useful materials, it could bring down the cost of materials on top of reducing CO2 emissions. Scientists are now developing ways to produce carbon nanotubes from CO2.

Discussion on a Provocative Overall Strategy for Energy and Environment Worldwide

  • Posted by Claudio Nicolini
  • October 7, 2015
  • President, Fondazione ELBA Nicolini Nanoworld Institute Labs

  The Science,Technology and Society Forum just ended in Kyoto appears to confirm the critical stage of scientific and technological progress in Energy and Environment, uncapable to find solutions for effective carbon dioxide reduction and for new energy sources really alternatives to nuclear fission, gas , oil and carbon still dominating the scene worldwide many years after the first Kyot...

Three Challenges in the Sustainable Future of Energy Systems

  • Posted by Nobuo Tanaka
  • September 8, 2014
  • Professor, GraSPP, the University of Tokyo, Global Associate for Energy Security and Sustainability, the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan(IEEJ), Former Executive Director at the International Energy Agency (IEA)

The International Energy Agency (IEA) published the Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP) 2014 last June. The document is the IEA's biennial flagship publication concerning energy technology solutions for a sustainable future. The ETP 2014 states that a revolutionary reversal of shares of power sources needs to occur to achieve almost zero carbon generation in order to contain the atmospheric temp...