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Topic Background

A smart grid is a concept of intelligent energy system operation of network connecting power supply and consumption with the information communication technology.
A variety of information is exchanged by consumers, power generation, transmission, and distribution through networks in order to enhance stability of power systems and the flexibility of system operation. Smart grid has a vast potential in stabilizing grid when intermittent renewable power generation is installed in a large scale.

Figure 1 Conceptual diagram of a smart grid

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Comments and Discussion

11th China-Japan Comprehensive Forum on Energy Saving and Environmental Protection was successfully concluded

  • Posted by ICEF Secretariat
  • January 10, 2018

The 11th China-Japan Comprehensive Forum on Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, co-sponsored by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) was successfully concluded in Tokyo, on December 24. More than 800 attendants from both countries’ government, industry and academia joined this one-day gatheri...

Social System Innovation in the Energy Sector: Blockchain (Reviews and Prospects of ICEF 2017 Concurrent Sessions)

  • Posted by Kenichiro Yamaguchi
  • October 31, 2017
  • Research Director, Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.

Nowadays, hardly a day passes by without hearing some news about blockchain technology or its most famous manifestation, the Bitcoin. Due to its responsiveness, distributed nature, low cost, and proof against fraud, blockchain technology is suited for peer-to-peer transaction. On the other hand, any low-carbon future envisages a substantial introduction of variable renewable energy, which tends ...

The 1st International Conference on Large-Scale Grid Integration of Renewable Energy in India successfully concluded

  • Posted by ICEF Secretariat
  • October 16, 2017

The 1st International Conference on Large-Scale Grid Integration of Renewable Energy in India, endorsed by the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, was successfully concluded in New Delhi in September 2017. This international conference, addressing the challenge of the governmental goal to install 175 GW of renewable energy generation capacity in India by 2022, attracted more than 350 part...

Peer-to-peer trading of residential PV using blockchain technology to take place in China

  • Posted by ICEF Secretariat
  • September 5, 2017

Solar Bankers Singapore is working with the Chinese blockchain technology company ShellPay to enable peer-to-peer trading of PV generation with blockchain technology, using Solar Banker’s own crypto-token SunCoin. The system under development, SunChain, connects residential PV devices through local microgrids. SunChain will contribute to a decentralized electricity system that is cleaner and...

A series of smart grid related conferences scheduled throughout this year

  • Posted by ICEF Secretariat
  • July 21, 2017

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Smart Grid is sponsoring and/or co-sponsoring more than 20 smart grid related conferences throughout this year. Examples of these conferences include "2017 IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid and Smart Cities (ICSGSC) ", "SMART Power Flow Controllers for Smart Grid Applications", "2017 IEEE International Conference on Smart Energy Gr...

Demonstration on peer-to-peer trading in the wholesale energy market using blockchain technology initiated in Europe

  • Posted by ICEF Secretariat
  • July 7, 2017

Vattenfall’s Business Area Markets, along with 22 other European energy trading firms, is initiating one of the world’s largest field trials for peer-to-peer trading of wholesale electricity. They are expecting to lower the transaction cost of trading energy by eliminating the need for a centralized energy market place using blockchain. Reduced transaction costs will enable small scale...

Smart Grids: Reviews and Prospects of ICEF 2016 Concurrent Sessions

  • Posted by Bo Normark
  • November 15, 2016
  • Chairman Annex 6 Power T&D Systems, ISGAN

The electric energy sector is changing. The production landscape of electricity is changing, with increased number of renewables such as wind and solar with variable production. The consumption landscape is changing, with significant improvements in energy efficiency and accelerated deployment of electric vehicles. The investor landscape for the energy sector is changing, with increasing part...


  • Posted by ICEF Secretariat
  • September 5, 2016

The Seventh Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT 2016) will be held September 6-9, 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The theme for this year will be “Transformation and Advancements for Grid Modernization.” Follow the link below for details.