[Save The Date ] Innovation for Cool Earth Forum 6th Annual Meeting / OCTOBER 9-10, 2019


What's ICEF?

Since 2014, every year the Government of Japan has hosted the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF), gathering international leading figures tackling climate change through technological innovation in Tokyo, Japan.

ICEF’s mission is to nurture discussion and collaboration among participants and to disseminate innovations in energy and environmental technology to participants and beyond.




OCTOBER 10-11 2018, TOKYO

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Driving Green Innovation

Top 10 Innovations

“Top 10 Innovations” is an event to select the most notable among recent innovative developments in energy and climate change mitigation. By examining the field “Top 10 Innovations” will provide the latest snapshot of technology development and diffusion with the potential to transform society in the fields of energy and environment. The event helps us to understand the state and trends of innovations in each respective area, and helps find areas where further efforts are needed in the future.


ICEF develops roadmaps on how key innovative technologies can contribute to a transition to clean energy. Roadmaps consider industrial, academic and governmental perspectives to identify a realistic, fact-based pathway and meaningfully inform the work of all stakeholders.

ICEF roadmaps are collaborative documents developed from the concurrent sessions in our annual conference and refined by reviews and suggestions from specialists.

Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF)

Innovation for Cool Earth Forum


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