Terms of Use

ICEF Web-Based Platform Operating Rules

1. Registration

  • (1) Persons interested in contributing articles or comments to the ICEF Web-Based Platform (“Platform”) must register by submitting, in accordance with the procedures managed by the Platform secretariat, the following information:
    • (A) Name
    • (B) Affiliation(Name of organization, position, etc.)
    • (C) Field of expertise / occupation
    • (D) Phone number
    • (E) Email address
  • (2) If (A) to (E) of (1) are submitted in full, an automatically created password shall be automatically sent to the email address provided in (E). The email address shall be used as the ID.

2. Requirement for posting articles

  • (1) Persons wishing to post an article (“Contributor”) may log on to the Platform using the registered ID and password and submit contributions through the designated page on the Platform to the Platform secretariat.
  • (2) Articles must be submitted in English.
  • (3) Articles must be submitted in accordance with the format provided on the Platform, which will require input of the following: (i) Title of article, (ii) Theme (from a given list of choices), (iii) Summary, (iv) Format of article (direct entry, pdf file, etc.)
  • (4) Articles may be prepared in the style of the Contributor’s choice.
  • (5) Articles must be on the following themes:
    • (A) Energy and environmental technology developments and trends
    • (B) Energy and environmental technology policy
    • (C) Activities of ICEF
    • (D) Other fields covered by the activities of ICEF

3. Procedures for posting of articles

  • (1) Submitted articles must be posted after verification in accordance with the procedures herein:
    • (A) The ICEF Steering Committee shall verify that the Contributor is a person with adequate expertise.
    • (B) The Platform secretariat shall verify that the contributed article is i) pursuant to Article 2 Paragraph (5) and does not offend public order or morals; and ii) is free of copyright infringements.
  • (2) If a submitted article is not to be posted, the secretariat will provide the Contributor with the reason for not posting the contributed article.


  • (1) Persons wishing to post a comment must log on to the Platform using the registered ID and password and submit comments to the designated page of the Platform. The comment submitted will be promptly posted on the Website.
  • (2) Comments must be submitted in English.
  • (3) The Platform secretariat will regularly check comments. If the secretariat judges that a comment greatly offends public order or morals, said comment shall be deleted. If comments offending public order and morals are repeatedly submitted from a certain ID, comments submitted by said ID shall be suspended.

5. Copyright

  • The copyright of articles and comments contributed to the Platform will be held by the Contributor.

6. Alteration of rules

  • (1) The Platform secretariat may alter the provisions herein as needed.
  • (2) Registrations, articles and comments made prior to the alteration of a provision shall be subject to the provisions in effect on the date of submission.

September 2014
ICEF web-based platform secretary