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Plenary Session (Part 1)

- Importance of Net Zero Emission of CO2 and Innovation for Realizing the Net Zero Anthropogenic Emission of CO2 -

Session background and objectives

It is fundamentally important, for tackling climate change, to control the increase of temperature to a certain level. Paris Agreement states that it is important to achieve a balance between anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks of greenhouse gases in the second half of this century. This means to realize net zero anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases. Based on this recognition, speakers will share the importance of CO2 net zero emission, discuss about innovative technologies to be promoted and identify barriers to disseminate these technologies.


Nebojsa Nakicenovic [Moderator]

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Deputy Director General and Deputy CEO, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

James A. Edmonds

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Laboratory Fellow and Chief Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, College Park, MD.

Vaclav Smil

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Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Manitoba

Nobuo Tanaka

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President, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan; Former Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA)


Energy Security and Sustainable Nuclear Power

Low oil price decreases investment in high cost producer countries and increases security risk by too much dependency on Middle East oil. Diversity of oil sources and wider variety of energy sources such as gas, renewables and nuclear is essential. After the Fukushima accident nuclear need to pass severer test of sustainability: namely passive safety, ease of high level radioactive waste management and non-proliferation. There are candidates of such technology; the Integral Fast Reactor and Pyroprocessing of Argonne National Laboratory of the US is one. This may be used for processing the meltdown spent fuel debris of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Station.

Charles O. Holliday


Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc.


The role of an oil and gas company in the global transition to net zero emissions

The world has a long way to go before reaching net zero emissions, but it can get there if it commits to radical change of the energy system, innovates and if consumers move to new ways of consuming. This must all happen, but it will not happen quickly, and the world will continue to need secure sources of energy. While this journey takes place the people of this planet must add as little CO2 to the atmosphere as possible. As we all walk this path together, an oil and gas company like Shell can make a major contribution.


  1. 1. What is the focal point towards the CO2 net Zero-emission in ultra long term?
  2. 2. What is the supposed socio-economic scenario in accordance with the drastic change in energy supply?
  3. 3. Which innovative technologies should be promoted for realizing the CO2 net Zero-emission, and what kind of barriers could exist in order to disseminate these technologies?

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