Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan

The first decade of the 21st century have been warmer than any preceding period since global temperature records began in 1850 and it is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming, according to the latest IPCC reports. Climate change is a challenge that humanity is facing at this very moment, not in the future.

7 years ago, I, as Prime Minister of Japan, proposed a 50% reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Innovation is the key to achieving this ambitious goal and it is essential for governments, businesses, and academia around the world to share their wisdom and closely cooperate with each other.

Based on this concept, I proposed the establishment of a new international conference where the world's leading policy makers, business persons, and researchers can meet and cooperate with each other to address climate change through innovation. This is an unprecedented attempt, an energy- and environment-focused version of the World Economic Forum.

It would be very beneficial if you, who are at the forefront of one of the biggest challenges to humanity, climate change, and are responsible for shaping the future of the earth, would participate in this forum. I hope to see you in Tokyo.

Shinzo Abe
Prime Minister of Japan

Yuko Obuchi, Minster of Economy, Trade and Industry

We have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which have not ceased to increase since the industrial revolution and have to continue to pursue development in harmony with the global environment. It is not only our obligation, based on our responsibilities to the next generation, but also the largest global mission of mankind.

In particular, challenged with the ever-increasing growth of energy consumption accompanying economic growth, we must fundamentally transform our social system in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The key to this change is technological innovation and diffusion. Government, industry and the academic community must join hands in discovering the seeds of new creative technology, implementing the technology and finally achieving its practical use. The world must engage in gathering the wisdom of mankind for this purpose.

The Innovation for Cool Earth Forum is established as a platform for policymakers, business people and researchers working on climate change issues from worldwide to share knowledge, engage in discussion, and jointly develop new actions for innovation.

I look very much forward to meeting all of you who bear an important role in the world’s technological innovation and to having the opportunity to share enthusiastic discussions on efforts to pave the way for a bright future for humans.

Yuko Obuchi
Minster of Economy, Trade and Industry

Fumio Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affairs

GHG emissions are increasing rapidly on a global level, while the impacts of climate change on ecosystems as well as human society are becoming clearer. Countering global warming is an urgent challenge to be addressed by the international community. There is increasing importance on implementing global warming countermeasures while achieving global economic growth and poverty reduction at the same time.

A new international framework is scheduled to be adopted at the COP21 to be held in Paris in December 2015, and the Government of Japan is exerting all efforts for a successful outcome in Paris. However, this does not mean that actions in response to climate change end in 2015. All countries must continue to take effective countermeasures over a long period of time through the promotion of innovation and diffusion of low-carbon technologies and partnerships among public and private enterprises.

Japan formulated its proactive diplomatic strategy for countering global warming, “ACE: Actions for Cool Earth” last year. The “Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF)”, which further promotes development and diffusion of excellent low-carbon technology, is an important forum and part of ACE. I hope and trust that all of you, who are performing a leading role in the area of technological innovation, will be engaged in active discussion for the sake of promotion of international cooperation in this field.

Fumio Kishida
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Yoshio Mochiduki, Minister of the Environment

The IPCC 5th Assessment Report conveys several important messages. Firstly, it shows that climate change is already a clear and present danger. Warming of the climate system is unequivocal. Significant impacts are projected on areas including sea level rise, human health, livelihoods and ecosystems.

Secondly, the report also points out that delaying mitigation actions for these impacts will reduce our future options.

I see this crisis as an opportunity for innovation to ensure major and enduring reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This is our opportunity to disseminate renewable energies, advance energy conservation, and send low-carbon technologies to the world. Furthering such concrete action points will also foster economic growth.

"Innovation for Cool Earth Forum gathers wisdom from around the world, and thereby holds great potential for the realization of such a virtuous cycle between the environment and economy, i.e. green economic growth.

I wish for fruitful discussions on the innovation and dissemination of technologies to address the challenges of climate change.

Yoshio Mochiduki
Minister of the Environment