ICEF Top 10 Innovations

1. Outline

The Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF) will select the "Top 10 Innovations" aiming to raise public awareness regarding innovations to counter global warming, and thus promote such innovations. The Top 10 Innovations will be chosen from scientific discoveries, innovative technologies and policies that support innovative business approaches which have been announced in the last 12 months (July 2013-June 2014) based on votes from ICEF participants consisting of leading researchers, private sector executives and senior government officials.
The Secretariat welcomes your proposals for candidate "Top 10 Innovations."

2. Proposal Submission Information  Proposal Submission Closed. Thank you very much.

2.1. Innovation background and announcement period

Innovations include the results of research and development efforts and business activities which lead to significant long-term GHG emission reductions as well as policies that promote such innovations. Innovations having considerable GHG emission reduction potential, are highly innovative, and possess a high level of feasibility will be highly evaluated.
The announcement period for candidate innovations and policies is July 2013 to June 2014.
(If there are no announced candidate innovations or policies during the above period, proposals for candidate innovations announced from July 2012 to June 2013 can be submitted.)

2.2. Proposal submission period 

The proposal submission deadline is July 21, 2014. Please download and fill the application form from the link below, and send it back to the secretariat office.

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2.3. Criteria for screening candidate innovations

Submitted proposals will first be assessed by the Secretariat and experts according to the criteria below. They will subsequently be subjected to a screening conducted by ICEF steering committee members.

(1) GHG emissions reduction potential

The projected reductions of GHG emissions over the next 50 years will be evaluated.

(2) Innovativeness

Technology will be evaluated based on the innovativeness of the technology or business model while policies will be evaluated based on the innovativeness of technologies or businesses that are developed as a result of policy implementation.

(3) Feasibility

The feasibility of realizing GHG reduction potential resulting from the dissemination of developed technologies and successful commercialization will be evaluated.

2.4 Selection of innovations

A voting list comprised of approximately 30 candidates selected based on the above criteria will be posted on the ICEF website for review and voting by ICEF participants. The votes will be tabulated by the Secretariat to select the Top 10 Innovations.

3. Announcement of Results

The ten leading innovations will be announced at the ICEF Closing Session on October 8, 2014. The selection results will also be released to the press and posted on the ICEF website.