Climate change requires significant reduction in global greenhouse gas emission. Improvement of existing technologies is not sufficient and innovation is indispensable. Climate change is also a global issue and it is essential for governments, business and academia around the world to tackle this challenge together.

Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF) is aimed at addressing climate change through innovation and ICEF investigates via discussion in the forum what innovative measures should be developed, how the innovation should be promoted, and how cooperation should be enhanced among the stakeholders.

ICEF is held every year since innovations require time and continuous efforts, and ICEF establishes a steering committee which makes the decisions regarding the agenda and program to reflect the wide range of views of the international community.

We expect participation of about 500 leading researchers, businesspersons and policy makers from around the globe in the annual forum. In addition, ICEF provides a web-based platform to promote discussion among participants throughout the year. We hope that many people who are responsible for future of this planet actively join and deepen the discussions.