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Participants to the ICEF 1st Annual Meeting will have an option to visit and see examples of cutting-edge technologies implementations in Japan.

Thu. 9 October, 2014
Only registered participants to the Meeting can register for the Tour in their My Page.(log-in required)
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Free, for courses A & B lunch will be provided
Bus leaves and returns to Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo


Course A: J-Power Isogo Power Station / Taisei Corporation (Full Day)

Course B: JFE Steel East Japan Works (Full Day/ 8:30-14:30)

Course C: Shimizu Corporation (AM)

*Further details of each course will be sent to the participants.


J-Power Isogo Power Station

J-POWER's Isogo Power Station is located in Yokohama, the second largest city with a population of about 3.7 million. It is a unique urban type coal-fired power station that is supplying economical electricity stably as an important base-load power station in the metropolitan area. To fit in such an urban area, Isogo PS must be extremely clean, and that lead it to become a showcase of Japanese Clean Coal Technology (CCT).

When the replacement of the old coal-fired power station (2 x 265MW) was planned after almost 40 years operation, the city authorities requested J-POWER as a condition to approve the plan, to make the new pair of 600MW units as clean as possible. So, it employed the most advanced CCTs including USC to improve energy efficiency and CO2 emission, dry type DeSOx system to remove SOx to near zero level. Visitors will witness not only CCTs but also reliable and cost efficient plant operation during the site tour.

URL: http://www.jpower.co.jp/english/index.html
Location: Isogo-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

Taisei Technology Center,
Zero Energy Building(ZEB) and Yokohama Smart City Project(YSCP)

Taisei Corporation, founded in 1873, is a general contractor representing Japan and has undertaken a number of notable projects in Japan and overseas. Taisei Technology Center is Taisei Corporation’s in-house R&D facility focusing on architectural and civil engineering technologies. These technologies are implemented in Taisei’s projects effectively.

The ZEB building has just been completed this June. By using variety of advanced technologies, energy consumption of this building will be reduced by 75% compared to the standard office building.

Taisei has been taking part in the Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP) promoted by Yokohama City. The project is one of the pilot projects regarding the demonstration of next-generation energy and social systems launched by The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry since 2010.

Through this project, Taisei contributes to realize energy-saving and optimize demand response performance via Smart Building Energy Management System.

URL: http://www.taisei.co.jp/english/index.html
Location: Totsuka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

JFE Steel East Japan Works


JFE Steel corporation is the Japan's second-largest crude steel maker. JFE Steel is proud of the contributions its products have made to society, and recognizes its responsibility such as environmental protection with the world's most innovative technology.
East Japan Works, Keihin district of JFE Steel is located in Japan's major waterfront industrial area, adjacent to Tokyo Metropolitan area. East Japan Works (Keihin) is a showcase of the environmental innovative technology as an "eco-steel mill" of the 21st century with lush greenery that is friendly to people and the environment.

Site tour facilities
  1. Blast Furnace
    No.2 blast furnace produces over 4 million tons of pig iron per year. Wasted plastics such as PET bottles collected by municipal governments are injected to the blast furnace as reducing agents replacing coke or pulverized coal.
  2. Steelmaking (Converter)
    Molten iron transferred from blast furnace is charged into a converter, and is refined by pure oxygen blowing for the control of the carbon content and removal of impurities. This process converts pig iron into steel with controlled composition for respective purposes, and supply molten steel to continuous casting machine.
  3. Rolling mill
    Keihin plate mill produces wide range types of plates. Upgraded online accelerated cooling system, Super-OLAC®, made it possible to control the cooling temperature precisely and to manufacture high tensile steel plates, which can improve fuel efficiency of ships and save steel consumption in skyscrapers.
URL: http://www.jfe-steel.co.jp/en/works/east/index.html
Location: Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture

Shimizu Corporation, eco BCP Building

Shimizu's new Head Office in Tokyo's Kyobashi district opened in August 2012.
The New Head Office is built to showcase for ecoBCP, a concept that Shimizu is currently proposing to customers as well as society. The goal of ecoBCP is to achieve electricity savings and energy conservation during normal times - that is, to achieve "eco" performance - and to ensure business-continuity planning (BCP) functions in the event of emergencies.
The New Head Office is expected to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 62% in its first year of operation through various advanced engineering technologies, such as hybrid exterior panel system, radiant-air-conditioning system, solar panels, micro-grid and other green IT technologies. It will seek to achieve 70% reductions by 2015, and, ultimately, in combination with carbon credits, zero-carbon status.

The new Head Office also strives to contribute to urban revitalization and revitalize communities.

URL:  http://www.shimz.co.jp/english/index.html
Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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